About Us

      In the late 1970's Dr. Terry Maxwell, Professor of Biology at Angelo State University obtained a master federal license to band birds. This allowed him to expand his research of the birds of the Concho Valley of West Texas. He was joined in his efforts by several members of the faculty at Angelo State. Later, Dr. Maxwell allowed his permit to become inactive and Dr. Ross Dawkins obtained his master permit and banded throughout the state for many years.
      At the present time, Concho Valley Bird Banders is a group of volunteers that actively carry out banding research projects within the Concho Valley. Charles Floyd of San Angelo holds a Master Personal Permit from the Federal Bird Banding Laboratory and licensing from the State of Texas that allows the group to conduct these projects. Nancy Floyd, Sue Oliver, Jimmy Villers, Rhonda Turk, Carla Hallman, and Amy Allen all of San Angelo make up the regular banding team. All of these individuals are volunteers that band birds with the goal of acquiring data regarding movement and behavior of bird populations that is useful for conservation and research. We obtain our data without harm to the birds banded and make reports to the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Bird Banding Laboratory where it is available to all who are interested. We maintain an extensive database of our efforts for sharing with local and state researchers. As volunteers, we provide for our own equipment and pay our own expenses incurred in our banding efforts. We are willing to provide demonstrations and educational opportunities for schools and other interested groups.           
     As we band throughout this region of West Texas at regular sites, we have compiled records for these sites that extend back several years. We always welcome the opportunity to sample new sites and new environments.
      The Concho Valley of Texas as defined by its strictest interpretation includes only those areas drained by the three forks of the Concho River. It includes all of four Texas counties and parts of three others. By Texas standards, the area is not large but because of its location has a large number of bird species that live here or pass through the region each year. The three forks of the Concho River serve as migration pathways for many western species and a significant number of eastern species of birds also find their way through the valley during migration. The three water reservoirs in the area attract many species of waterfowl. Species from east and west also arrive here during post breeding wandering and many northern and western species winter in this area. Records of three hundred, fifty four species have been confirmed in the area in recent times. More than 200 species have been banded in this area.

      Most of the banding efforts expended by Concho Valley bird banders are within this narrow geographic area but in an effort to understand bird populations and movements across west central Texas at least some of these banders have established banding sites in counties around the periphery of this area. In those areas some different species are often encountered and will be reported on this website.
       Over the past twenty plus years, Delbert Tarter a retired professor from Angelo State University maintained the regional checklist of birds in the Concho Valley as well as complete records of birds banded at the Hummer House including species and numbers banded by year. All birders and banders in this region owe him a debt of gratitude for his dedicated service until his death in 2011.