The End of the Year
The end of 2013 marks the completion of our third complete year of regular, systematic bandings of passerine and near passerine birds in the three station areas of the Hummer House Ranch. The results continue to be quite different than the results compiled during the first sixteen plus years of bird banding at that location since most of our banding is in the natural habitats of the station areas. We completed this year having banded 3051 birds of 91 species. We had hundreds of returns of birds that were previously banded in other years at the Hummer Ranch. It is easy to be overcome with emotion as you consider all the miles, the dangers, and the God-given skills that allow the bird to arrive at a point within feet of the first encounter year after year. The returns give us much knowledge about the various species that inhabit the Hummer Ranch. We believe these three years of banding reflect the true status of the birds that live on and move through the ranch. To read more of the 2013 banding analysis for the Hummer Ranch, please click on the button above, “Hummer House Banding Records”. Links on the left show the summary records for 2013. We hope that you will enjoy the information of the Painted Bunting research analysis that has been added.