Camp Discovery at Hummer House
 On Monday, May 6, Dan and Cathy Brown of the Hummer House hosted the 2013 Camp Discovery for the 4th grade students of Christoval ISD. Students in the Wall High School Gifted and Talented program also attended. This was the second year that the Browns had hosted the event to further their dream of providing students and teachers an opportunity for learning more about nature. Students rotated through ten sessions of various topics. It was a wonderful day of learning but the temperature was much cooler than expected. Songbird banding was conducted by Charles Floyd and members of the Concho Valley banding team. Special assistants to the banding team were Don Connell, a bird bander from Austin and Bob Wray from Washington. We appreciate their help. Kelly Bryan conducted the hummingbird banding session. The most unique bird of the day was the Tennessee Warbler which is only the third bird of that species to be banded at the Hummer House in more than eighteen years of banding. Twenty-eight species of birds were banded during the day. We want to express our thanks to the Browns for the opportunity to be a part of their dream.