HEB Camp

During the first week of May, we were privileged to return to HEB Camp at Leakey, Texas to provide banding demonstrations for Ballinger and Bronte  4th and 5th Grade students during their annual spring outdoor learning camp. This camp has been one of the highlights of our spring educational efforts for several years. We always enjoy meeting old friends and new students in one of the most beautiful places in the Hill Country. We had reason to be concerned this season due to the drought that had affected that area as much as our own and were concerned about having sufficient birds for all the groups . We did have fewer birds than we had in previous years but managed to net good birds for most groups.  As always, we had great groups of interested students that met under our shade shelter while we banded and learned about the birds of that area. Birds have wings and can fly where ever they want but we were surprised to net an adult male Black-headed Grosbeak in that setting. We also were fortunate to band a Green Kingfisher, a Yellow-throated Warbler and other unique birds.  We always enjoy going to camp and appreciate working with the students and staff of these schools.