Twistflower Ranch--May 7, 2011
On May 7th, five members of our banding crew traveled to Twistflower Ranch in Crockett County. Banding on the first weekend of May at Twistflower has become an annual event for us.  We have always encountered a large number of migrant birds along with a wide variety of summer residents on this weekend. We were concerned about the effects of the current long-term drought on the birds of that area.  We set nets in two separate areas and soon netted a good variety of birds. It was  evident that the populations of many resident bird species have been impacted by the drought and we also noted that some migrants normally on the ranch during this time of the year were not present. We banded 35 birds of seventeen species and enjoyed the opportunity to visit the ranch. We also enjoyed the opportunity to meet members of the McCloskey Family that we had not met before and share the birds that we banded with them.