HEB Camp--May 3-5, 2011
The month of May started off with a bang as we traveled to HEB Foundation Camp near Leakey, Texas to provide bird banding demonstrations and  birding education for 4th and 5th grade students from Bronte and Ballenger as part of their annual outdoor learning field trip. The camp is spread over two nights and three days and gives students an opportunity to experience many great activities outside of a traditional school  setting. It is always a great experience in a great location.  The drought conditions that exist throughout West Texas extend into the Hill Country. The Frio River was lower than I can remember. In spite of the drought, we were able to net 82 birds of 23 species during the camp. The species represented  a wide variety of migrant and resident songbirds.  Once the students arrive, the activities at the camp are non-stop from early in the morning until lights out. The students from Bronte and Ballenger are always interested, intelligent young people and it is a pleasure to demonstrate for them and tell them about the birds. We hope that getting  "up close and personal" to the birds is as much fun for the students as it for us.