Holiman Elementary--May 16th  and May 18th
On Monday and Wednesday, we were at the Hummer House to provide a bird banding demonstration for the fifth grade students from Holiman Elementary . We, along with the Holliman students  were fortunate to have Kelly and Donna Bryan of Fort Davis, Texas join us for the presentation.  Kelly is well known for his work with the western  hummingbirds and other species of birds that live in the Trans-Pecos Region of Texas. Students were able to have  a close-up experience with the hummingbirds  and  the many colorful and special species of song birds that are found at the Hummer House.  Because of the number of students involved, part of the students were present on Monday and the remainder were there on Wednesday. During the two days of presentations, students were able to  see twenty-six species of birds including the very noisy Golden-fronted Woodpecker and the Black-chinned Hummingbirds that made very little noise. We also banded an Ovenbird, two Gray Catbirds, a Lazuli Bunting, an adult male Orchard Oriole and more adult male Painted Buntings than you could believe during the demonstrations for  the students. We were delighted by the excellent response by the Holiman students and the preparation  by their excellent  teachers.