October 2010 Banding Activities

As October arrived, the number of migrants moving through the area slowed to a trickle. Summer residents departed and only a few winter birds had made their way to the Concho Valley.  Banding became very slow at all the sites where we normally band.  While finishing the migration study, a young female Rose-breasted Grosbeak was banded on the first day of the month. This was followed by the banding of a Red-naped Sapsucker a few days later and a Winter Wren on the last day of fall migration banding. The Grosbeak was the first of its kind banded on the ranch while the Red-naped Sapsucker and the Winter Wren had only been banded one other time in fifteen years of banding at the Hummer House. A group traveled to Twistflower Ranch to provide a banding demonstration for a group of Master Naturalists from Austin. The banding there was also very slow. Spotted Towhees, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Hermit Thrushes and White-crowned Sparrows were banded during the month along with permanent resident birds.