August 2010 Banding Activities

The month of August began even hotter than normal in the Concho Valley. Banding efforts at the Hummer House targeted the large number of hatching year Painted Buntings that remained there. Large numbers were banded in three separate efforts. A group returned to Live Oak Ranch where they again surveyed that location. The birds on site were still mostly the young of resident breeders but we were pleasantly surprised to band an adult Canyon Wren. This was the first of this species that we had banded in three seasons. In the middle of August, Charles and Nancy traveled to Fort Davis to observe and train with Kelly Bryan on the many species of western hummingbirds at that location. Eight species of Hummingbirds were banded that weekend and another was observed. It was a wonderful training experience. At the end of August, Kelly Bryan and Fred Bassett of Alabama traveled to the Hummer House to band Black-chinned Hummingbirds as part of a study being conducted by Fred Bassett. It was a good experience to observe, assist and ask questions of these two master banders. As the month drew to an end, the first efforts were made as part of our migration study. Yellow-bellied Flycatchers, Least Flycatchers, Wilson’s Warblers, Yellow Warblers and a single Louisiana Waterthrush were the first migrants noted during this month.